The Binary Cafe is a place to write about the products of human creativity. It  is a database of critical responses to the variegated offerings of our shared culture – books, movies, shows, video games.

This is not a diary. It will not contain rambling introspection or self-reflection. I am purely in the business of chronicling my responses to the cultural products that I consume.

I’m not qualified to judge art based on formal aesthetic criteria. Thus, my responses are entirely subject to my personal predilections and idiosyncrasies. But more than that, I will try to look at art in terms of their place in wider human society, of which they are the products.

These responses will be short, because nobody has the patience to read through a ten-thousand-word rant in this Twitterific age. I won’t bother to summarize the work, either, and most importantly, everything I write should be treated as a spoiler. So, if you see a title to something you’d like to watch, read, or play, click the back button.

Thanks for reading!


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